Invite to a webinar on regain mobility in malnourished patients

Wednesday, november 24th, 2021
17:00-17:45 h (CET)
Prof. Stuart Phillips

Prof. Stuart Phillips, PhD

McMaster University, Department of Kinesiology and School of Madicine, Canada

Maintaining skeletal muscle and function are important core health goals in malnourished ageing patients. Numerous guidelines have outlined why older persons need to maintain their skeletal muscle and muscle function, translating into a lower risk of mobility loss (Bhasin, Travison et al. 2020). At its most basic level, skeletal muscle protein mass is maintained by the simultaneous and opposing processes of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and muscle protein breakdown (MPB).

In this webinar, the mechanisms of stimulating of MPS and suppression of MPB by protein and loading (as exercise or physical activity) in older persons will be discussed. The concept of aggressive intervention to prevent disuse-induced declines in muscle mass in older persons will also be discussed.

Attendees can learn how muscle mass is regulated and how MPS and MPB are stimulated with an optimal protein and omega-3 ingestion and loading.

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